Working with Influencers in 2024

Working with Influencers in 2024

Influencer marketing is evolving rapidly every day – especially over on TikTok. As we businesses navigate this concept, it’s crucial to identify early trend-setting, adapt swiftly to new strategies, and understand the nuanced interplay between creativity, strategy, and instinct.

Here, we are going to talk about the essential strategies that can help your business leverage influencer relationships more effectively and drive your brand impact in 2024.

Strategise Intuitively

Creating massive, detailed social media strategies might seem prudent, but often these can bog down responsiveness and stifle creativity. Effective brands maintain a delicate balance between planned strategies and intuitive actions, which sometimes means allowing room for failure and rapid iteration. Leaders in social media innovation succeed by blending strategic planning with gut-driven decisions, quickly adapting to outcomes and continuously evolving.

Embrace Speed and Serendipity

In a digital age where trends can emerge and evaporate within hours, marketing teams need to cultivate agility and an openness to serendipity:

Foster a culture where rapid experimentation and occasional failure are viewed as pathways to innovation.

• Streamline decision-making processes to enhance responsiveness.

• Utilise pre-prepared contracts for quick engagements with influencers, reducing delays due to procedural hurdles.

Commit to Continuous Experimentation

Allocate specific budgets for real-time testing across various social platforms, and avoid waiting on competitors to test the waters. This proactive approach not only mitigates risks but also positions brands as industry leaders:

• Adjust and optimise content across different platforms to avoid penalties from algorithms detecting duplicates.

Understand that each platform’s unique environment demands tailored content strategies for maximum engagement.

Empower Influencers

Micro-managing influencers can undermine their effectiveness. Instead, focus on aligning their creative vision with your brand’s ethos from the outset:

Establish trust-based relationships with influencers through regular communication and fair compensation.

Simplify the feedback process to enhance creative freedom and ultimately, the return on investment.

Innovate with Emerging Formats

Looking forward means investing in the next wave of content formats:

Consider funding brand-owned entertainment ventures as traditional TV and film investments wane.

Explore platforms like Snapchat that offer unique engagement opportunities due to their informal and ‘real’ content nature.

Implementing these strategies may be challenging, but starting with one or two can incrementally enhance your marketing efforts. By acting swiftly, embracing luck, and trusting our instincts, we can navigate the complexities of influencer marketing with confidence and creativity.