What Is Branding and Why Is It Important?

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What Is Branding and Why Is It Important?

You may often see articles, posts, videos and more about branding. In fact, branding surrounds you everywhere you go, online or real life, and many companies (including us, wink wink) offer branding services, but have you ever wondered what is it really and why is it so important? Today we’ll be answering those questions.

What is branding?

By dictionary description, branding is “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services”. In other words, it is a type of marketing that usually includes the creation of: name and identifiable and authentic symbol/design. However, the creation of brand identity is not as simple as choosing a name and slapping together a logo.

Hold on, what is brand identity?

Brand identity is basically your brand’s personality. It explains to the world what your brand values are, what your brand wants to express, how it communicates the products/services.

It is also important to understand the distinction between brand identity and brand image. Although often used interchangeably, brand image and brand identity are entirely different and one of these you have limited control over.

Ok, what is the difference between brand identity and brand image?

It’s a little complicated I know, but stick with me here. So, brand image is how customers perceive your product or company – what is heard– whereas brand identity is how you want them to perceive your company/product – the voice.

So, brand identity includes all those great branding things like: logo, tag line, language/tone, aesthetic design, colours, brand values, personality, processes, mission, and so on. Brand image is what results from what you put out: company’s reputation, impressions, beliefs, emotional and intelligent customer responses.

And why is all of that important?

The process of branding or coming up with and defining a brand identity is important because that is what will form your brand! It’s the embodiment of nearly everything your company is about and what it does.

  • It ensures your company is recognisable and identifiable.
  • It creates the ability for your company to stand out.
  • It creates credibility and trust both within the market you’re in and amongst your customers.
  • And, it of course gets you customers to begin with.
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Alright, cool, so how do I brand my company?

Simple! Do some research on your target market, audience and competitors. Come up with a good name. Create an eye-catching and responsive logo and other necessary design elements (letter headers, business cards, signage, website design, billboards and more – whatever you may need). Define your brand’s language and tone that will determine how you communicate as a business. Define what your brand does not want to become or target. And finally, keep all of that consistent throughout your company’s journey.

Okay, maybe it’s not that simple, but don’t worry, that’s where we come in! We’re a friendly Scotland-based team of creative and talented designers, social media experts, web designers and developers and overall fun people (not to toot our own horn or anything) that specialise in branding for new and existing businesses. From dentists to butchers and beyond, we’ve done it all!

We can support you through the whole branding process to ensure you and your company is ready to conquer the world! So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we can have a free-of-charge chat to see how we can help your brand out. Contact us through our website contact form, e-mail [email protected] or even contact us on 01382 221777.

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