What Good Photography Can Do For Your Website

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What Good Photography Can Do For Your Website


There are many components that make a great website from a well thought out user journey to colour schemes and fonts. But one element that is sometimes missed by website designers is the use of up to date, personal photography which can make a huge difference to the impact of a website. At Interphase Design we believe that every great website should be complemented by good photographs and here’s why:

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A Picture says a thousand Words

According to Hubspot, on average 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on a website. This means that you need to somehow communicate your business’s services fast and efficiently and encourage the visitor to want to find out more. They say that a picture says a thousand words and this could not be more true when it comes to your website.

Let’s say you are a make up artist in Edinburgh, instead of making the user extract that information from a paragraph of text, an image of you in action doing make up and a photo of Edinburgh castle is all it takes to immediately notify the visitor of “your what” and “your where”.


That WOW Factor

When it comes to website design we love to work with big, bold and eye-catching designs. Every business owner wants their company to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of potential clients over the competition. Using high resolution, professional photography makes creating theses WOW factor designs much easier for designers. We know the sizes, resolution and composition required to work with your design and all of this is taken into account when we do the photography for the website.


The Personal Touch

With so much competition, people are researching more and more the companies and services they want to utilise. It’s all fine and well getting the website onto the search engines and in front of the customer but if it’s not making that connection, encouraging them to click the Buy Now or Contact buttons then it’s not working. One thing we know for sure is that people like to see other people. Be it a goofy staff picture, artistic shot of the office or an employee in action doing what they do best, using bespoke photography over stock adds that personal touch to your online presence. It’s a friendly smile and gentle encouragement to ‘come talk to us’.


Helps to make your brand consistent

All the big brands that we see just now have one thing in common in their marketing campaigns and that is consistency. In the days of a flooded market, brand recognition is vital to stay in the forefront of the consumer’s mind. This doesn’t just apply to huge multi-nation corporations, it also translates to the local business. Companies that have a strong brand across social media, website and print materials create a brand awareness faster than those who don’t. Let’s say you have a leak and that plumber’s logo you saw this morning when your were flicking through Instagram has popped into your head – who are you likely to call first?

When taking photographs we ensure that the style, lighting, colours and composition are all consistent and fit in with the brand of the business. We take a variety of shots that visually explain what your business does and why it does it best.


dundee website photography
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We have worked with a variety of businesses from dentists to hairdressers to produce professional photography that reflects the business. Our photography packages can include staff profile photos, product catalogue images, action shots of the team, building interior and exterior shots and what we like to call ‘incidentals’ (generic photos for use across websites, social media etc). We have a full range of photography and videography equipment utilising lights, backdrops, tripods, microphones and of course high spec DSLR cameras. We operate on a full day or half day rate and usually take up to 600 shots per session to ensure you have an extensive bank of photos.

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