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marketing and branding dundee

Marketing & Branding Dundee


Here at Interphase, we believe in the power of visual impact.

The beginning of 2019 meant a huge deal within our team. New year, new Interphase.

After moving into the District 10 Building in Dundee, the consistent tone of this bright yellow shade inspired us to develop our brand to make it more eye catching across all platforms.




Our team have put their creative minds together to display what Interphase is all about. Showing our passionate and fun side in doing what we love and doing what we do best.

We like to show our audience client work so they can get a taste of what we can offer, from websites, to print, to logo design for a wide variety of satisfied clients.

Our team loves to experiment and learn new things, and we do not hesitate to show you that. Studying paper textures and quality using a magnifying tool to get deep into the structure and what it would work best for.

Or Casually looking through our large collection of books to become more familiar with typography. Not forgetting the most obvious thing that catches your eye first … Yellow!

This is our brands main colour. Having a repeated theme related to our brand gives us an aesthetic appealing to the eye. An organised but fun and creative feel to the page.





A complete modern re vamp for our business cards was what we felt was the right direction to follow. From a vintage and rustic looking design, to minimalistic, sleek and bold.

We gave this card a contrasted front, a dark charcoal black background with our slightly curved white logo. Having the logo with a slight cut off the edge gives our business card design an abstract feel. Not forgetting the not so ordinary square shape!

A simple and straight to the point back. Name, Number, Email and job role. A slight pop of yellow catches the viewers attention as well as balancing great with the white text. The most prominent feature in our design is the seam of the card.  A bold contrasting yellow border that subtly hints the colour scheme of our business.





A website design you probably haven’t came across before … Dark and sophisticated, but also edgy and fun.

The chosen chalkboard background creates a fun and playful vibe relating with doodles and childhood, as well as inspired by our office chalkboards! But the all over charcoal board also gives smart, classy, powerful, and put together.

A touch of accented yellow is small attention to detail. A minor touch that makes a big difference. This line can be seen throughout the website to act as a page separator, as well as underlining main headers.

One of the main things that simply cannot be unnoticed, is our yellow hinted photography. We make sure in all the photographs there is a touch of yellow. Relating back to the Instagram section, this gives a consistent and matching theme, visually appealing which also builds to our aesthetic. Not forgetting how much it stands out and unavoidably attracts attention against the dark shaded background.

Another main thing is the functionality of the website. Assuring its easy to navigate and packed with important information that is easy to read. A website can look the part, but needs to also work for it’s visitors. We’ve made sure its formatted simply and not jam packed with information leading you to get lost in the paragraphs. Short, sweet, and straight to the point.

For more information on how we can help you with marketing your business, call us on 01382 221777 or give us an email on [email protected].