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Dental Website Design

UK Sedation provides a framework for dentists to deliver dental sedation services at dental practices throughout England. This helps put anxious dental patients at ease.


Dr Rob Endicott was looking for a website for patients to discover and book services provided by UK sedation, and another website for dentists and dental practices to provide and use their services. This also includes a members area for registered seditionists to interact with each other.

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Our Approach

The website provides functionality for patients to find dental sedation services with dentists in England while allowing dentists to join UK Sedation and book visiting sedationists for their patients.


As with all the websites we create UK Sedation is built on the WordPress platform and is fully responsive to look great on mobile devices, tablets and desktop PC’s. The site also integrates a powerful membership system along with an even more powerful training package.


If you would like further information on dental website design in the UK, please call Interphase today on 01382 221777.